Friday, March 14, 2008


This just turns my stomach. It puts a knot the size of my fist right into my gut and heart. D.W. is one of Mary Kay's hot shots. She became a national sales director in a record 3 years or something like that. (It was a very short amount of time from signing her agreement as a new beauty consultant to accepting her appointment as an NSD.) Anyway, the following quote is taken from one of her training/motivational scripts called "The Last Mile."

As a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ, my heart lurched and my stomach soured as I read it. I have to post it here on my blog because it is stuff like this that can create havoc in a woman's life. Do you see what is so wrong about telling women things like this? Do you see why I was feeling like such a huge loser when I couldn't make it all come together in my Mary Kay business? And what is so sad is D.W. is not the only one saying things like this. And there are so many women who are listening and taking words like this to heart. Are you ready for this? Be prepared.

From D.W. (Mary Kay NSD)
"God has been waiting, very patiently, for you to take off your stuffy mental clothes, and put on a robe of full-force, give me more, can't touch this, "you SO need to meet me" attitude that will absolutely dazzle Him. At the end of June, He will want you to account for yourself. Seminar is the place where He can nod His head and say "you've done well". Or can you see Him shaking His head in disappointment...again?"

Just so you realize what significance June has to a Mary Kay director/nsd: June is the fiscal year end for Mary Kay and that is when all the dollars are tallied and the big prizes awarded. Directors strive to make "Unit Club", the vacations, the bonuses, the jewelry (which is solely based on wholesale orders from them and their unit members to the company and/or recruits from July 1-June 30) Seminar is the big rah-rah 2 1/2 day session in Dallas that happens every July. Please understand that I see nothing wrong with setting a goal and working to achieve that goal. However, when you put this kind of sacriligious, smug, and self-serving stuff into the mix there is a huge problem. God, please have mercy on us.

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  1. Oh, that is something. That poor woman is so incredibly lost. Thank God you got out of there.


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